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You MATTER to Minnesota's future

As we know from the results of the 2023 legislative session, it’s more important than ever to help elect pro-business candidates who want to protect and advance Minnesota’s economy. The Minnesota Matters coalition informs voters on early and absentee voting, key election dates, opportunities for employers and employees to attend precinct caucuses and engage in what promises to be an important election in our state.


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Registering to vote MATTERS

In Minnesota, it’s easy to register to vote - or update your registration - at any time, including on election day. You must register in order
to vote!

Early voting

Early voting is an opportunity to cast your vote when you can, not just on election day. There are easy opportunities via mail or in person.

Absentee voting MATTERS

Voting absentee is a quick and easy way to make your vote count. You can sign up for permanent absentee voting and track the process of your ballot online.

Minnesota’s 2024 voting timeline

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